On 4th of July we kicked-off #GreenFORCE project ‘Foster Research Excellence for Green Transition in the Western Balkans’ funded by Horizon Europe.

Tackling climate change and environmental degradation is one of the most urgent challenges in the Western Balkans as much as in the rest of Europe. The green transition and energy priority is essential in the development of sustainable energy, transport solutions, farming, and circular economies to maximize the benefits of the green transition and minimize environment threats. Research and innovation is a crucial driver for the green transition.

Having in mind the existing and the new challenges arising for and toward better green transition five partner organizations joined to contribute to Green Transition in the Western Balkans.

Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development as the lead organization, together with Universiteti Polis jointly with the partners Center for Economic Analyses – CEA, Nordregio, University of Belgrade Faculty of Geography and Politecnico di Torino. Through the twinning partnership, #GreenFORCE will help in the exchange of experiences and knowledge between partners.

This project aims at fostering excellence in the ‘Western Balkans’ green transition’ scientific research and innovation of Co-PLAN, CEA and UB-GEF to enhance and strengthen their research profile and contribute to the convergence between Western Balkans (WB) and EU research capacities.