Dear all, As we look toward 2016 with enthusiasm and a hope for the political crisis to end in Macedonia, we wanted to share with you our achievements in 2015.

In 2015, Center for Economic Analyses (CEA) continued with its mission of providing quality policy analyses in order to foster an environment that brings about better governance, transparency and satisfactory rule of law. Why? Because the level of accountability and transparency in Macedonia keeps being on an unsatisfactory level, keeping too many potential benefits and advantages untapped.

CEA in the coming period will continue to work on empowering citizens through higher participation to work for increased transparency and accountability and to achieve delivery of sustainable fiscal policies, both at national and sub-national level.

CEA will also continue with enhancing our partnership network and make it lasting longer and beyond the project horizon.

We strongly believe that our work through the researches we conduct, will deliver timely, high-quality, policy-relevant analyses all in the function of improved efficiency for the public sector, competent civil society and competitive business environment.

We would be pleased to provide at your convenience further information to clarify or deepen the scope of our work.

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CEA Newsletter 2015