Dear reader,

The 2017 was a year filled with challenges and hope for restoration of democratic standards and values in Macedonia. The Center for Economic Analyses through its work contributed to improved efficiency of the public sector, more competent and credible civil society and more competitive business environment.

Through the research, monitoring and policy recommendations we provide, and in accordance with our mission, we commit to deliver timely, high-quality, and policy-relevant analyses that will be of social and economic benefit and will foster an environment that brings better governance, transparency and satisfactory rule of law.

In the coming 2018 we celebrate our 15 years Anniversary, and CEA will continue to question policies and inform debates through rigorous research and analysis on important developmental issues, with a strong emphasis on the socioeconomic problems and more efficient and effective public finance. It will continue to engage in capacity building efforts and contribute to a substantively vibrant and informed discourse on good governance, as well as strive to upgrade its communications and dissemination efforts in order to reach a much wider audience.

Please look through the palette of our work in the past year in the following pages. We would be pleased to provide further information to clarify or deepen the scope of our work at your convenience. CEA Team

Center for Economic Analyses, Newsletter 2017