Center for Economic Analyses (CEA) in implementing the project for monitoring of the competition policy and state aid control. The project aims to contribute to an increased level of state aid and competition policy enforcement activities, enhanced transparency and increased awareness of the importance of these policies through monitoring and advocacy (areas covered in the EU negotiation chapter 8). This project aims to identify the obstacles for effective implementation of the state aid control and competition policy, work on enhancing monitoring of the efficiency of state aid, and increase public awareness of the importance and the role of competition policy. The project activities strive to provide effective contribution to enforcement, control and monitoring of competition policy and state aid policy coupled with an increase in wider public awareness of the importance and status of Ch.8 policy.

This project is financially supported by Nordic support for progress of North Macedonia, through the program for support of the CSOs and media for EU integration projects, and is planned to last for twelve months during 2020.