Center for Economic Analysis in partnership with the Federation of Farmers of Republic of Macedonia are implementing a project entitled “Creating employment pathways for rural youth”, financed by the EU IPA program – Human Resources Development, through the Ministry Finance in the Macedonia.

The project aims at facilitating the inclusion of rural youth in the labor market in the Northeast region in Macedonia (NE region). This overall objective is intended to be achieved through: 1) increasing the skills and understanding of employability among rural youth, 2) building a regional workforce development system, and 3) developing regional strategy for social and labor market inclusion of the target groups.
The project supports the social inclusion of rural youth by increasing the employability skills, training and support for better use of the employment programs and resources, by which would contribute to economic and social development of the municipalities in the Northeast region in Macedonia. The benefits of the project are of particular importance for rural youth and for the businesses in the targeted region as well.
To achieve the project objectives, CEA and FFRM need to build the capacities of the rural youth in the Northeast region, by identifying the main needs for education and skills of the unemployed rural youth, profiling the target group, analyzing the business sector and the labor market in NE region in general.

Interested candidates should submit a CV along with the bid in the format given in addition to this letter, proposed methodology and number of consulting days that are willing to devote for the assignment, as well can be attached additional documents that prove experience in related required field for commitment to following contact: or to CEA’s office address Bul. Jane Sandanski No. 63/3, Skopje via post or in person.

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The project is financed by the EU IPA program – Human Resources Development, through the Ministry Finance in the Macedonia