The project Fiscal Responsibility: Promoting Sustainability and Transparency of Public Debt is implemented by the Center for Economic Analysis and is financially supported by Analytica Gostivar as part of the project Civil Society Organizations as Equal Partners in Public Finance Monitoring, funded by the European Union.

The project aims to improve fiscal accountability by promoting and advocating for better sustainable and transparent public debt in Macedonia.

Target group: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia, Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, CSOs and citizens.

The project has a duration of 6 months, starting from December 2018 till May 2019.

The total project budget is EUR 6.107,68, with CEA contribution 10,54%.

The Political Economy of Public Debt and the Sustainability of Public Debt: The Case of Macedonia

Public Policy Document:
Public Debt Sustainability Policy Brief
Public Debt Transparency Policy Brief

Visual materials:

Infographic 1 – What contributes to high and unsustainable public debt?
Infographic 2 – How much economic growth is needed to reduce public debt?
Infographic 3 – What was the budget spent for?