*NEW* findings from the Open Budget Survey 2017 show global budget transparency in decline for the first time in a decade: www.openbudgetsurvey.org

  • Macedonia provides the public with minimal budget information
  • Macedonia provides the public with no opportunities to engage in the budget process.
  • The legislature and supreme audit institution in Macedonia provide limited oversight of the budget

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The summary of the report for Macedonia is available on the following link:


Full survey results are available here

Open budget survey questionnaire is available here

As progress toward global budget transparency stalls for the first time in a decade, Republic of Macedonia ranks as among the world’s worst in denying its citizens information on how public money is used
After the erosion of fiscal discipline and the wider abuse of executive power to the point when the ruling party’s style of governance by the previous government before the December 2016 early parliamentary election was labelled as “state capture”1, a major independent global report2 finds that the new government of the Republic of Macedonia could improve transparency quickly, with little cost or effort.
Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, 30th of January 2018 – Many governments around the world are making less information available about how they raise and spend public money, and Republic of Macedonia is among the least transparent with regard to their national budget, according to the results of the Open Budget Survey 2017 (OBS), conducted by the International Budget Partnership (IBP)

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