The Western Balkan Network on Territorial Governance (TG-WeB), a group
of civil society actors operating in the Western Balkan region supported by European partner organisations, is sharing “A Vision for Territorial Development and Governance in the Western Balkans”.

We propose this vision as a first stepping stone towards a prosperous, cohesive, cooperative, yet diverse, Western Balkans. We believe that the Western Balkan governments should cooperate among themselves and with non-state actors towards endorsing a common approach to territorial development and governance for the region.

We believe the vision on the region is valuable and timely  at this moment, an impasse particularly for Albania and North Macedonia, as a select number of EU states brought both countries’ membership bids to a halt.

The proposed vision  is the result of an interactive workshop held in May 2019 with the members of the TG-WeB, and as such, the vision reflects the opinion of the network, with individual perspectives being well-balanced towards a common outcome. The vision builds synergies with the path and agenda set for the Western Balkans by the Berlin Process and is particularly in line with the Chair’s conclusions of the Western Balkan Summit held in Poznań, July 4-5, 2019.

This vision succeeds the Position Paper on the “Territorial Governance in the Western Balkans”, a macro-regional perspective in identifying and proposing a number of recommendations as to how Territorial Governance can play a role in the Western Balkans’ European Union integration process, by addressing development and governance challenges in the region. You can access both documents by visiting:

Our vision for Territorial Development:
1. Regenerative and inviting Western Balkans
2. High quality institutional and social capital and inclusive democratic practices
3. A polycentric and interconnected Western Balkans
More in the following link: A Vision for Territorial Development and Governance in the Western Balkans.