The bike is your passion? You want an adventure?

The new Brajcino bike trail in Resen offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the natural beauties of the Prespa region.
On 28.09.2019 and 29.09.2019, the promotion of the new Brajcino bike trail was held in Resen. The promotion of the Brajcino bike trail lasted two days and included camping, boat trip to the island of Golem Grad, a biking mountain tour through the Prespa region’s natural beauties and tasting traditional food.

The bike trail is marked by wooden signposts and its total length is 30 km. The trail has a height of 300 meters and falls into the category of lightweight trail suitable for beginners. 10 km of the trail is an asphalt road and 20 km off-road. The trail is fully marked and accessible to all biking tourists and lovers.

On the following links you will find a description of the cycle path and the agenda for the event.
You will find more information on the trail through the QR Code Reader mobile app and then through the Bikemap – Your Cycling Map & GPS Navigation app by scanning the following code:













Within the project: Rural Tourism – Opportunity for Sustainable Community Development, implemented by АО Blagoj A. Kotlarovski in the framework of the Regional Program for Local Democracy in the Western Balkans- ReLOaD funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
Associate and supporter – Center for Economic Analysis.
Marking, Logistics and Organizational Support – Veles Biking.