Call for Expression of Interest

Roma Research Fellowship at CEA and IRIZ

The Center for Economic Analyses (CEA), Skopje ( and the Initiative for Development and Inclusion of communities (IRIZ) Skopje are potential implementers of a joint project, financed by TTF OSI and RIO for support of projects that contribute to decreasing the level of xenophobic populism against Roma in Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans by engaging mainstream policy research organizations to take up specific policy topics, and address the majorities in their countries.

The project will focus on three distinct levels where ‘fear, the security mindset and ‘othering’[1]of Roma’ happens: politics, policy and public discourses. Through the Fellowship, Open Society Foundations support empowerment of young Roma graduates and professionals to demonstrate leadership in civic and political spheres of life. By combining the experience and commitment of young and highly educated Roma with on-the-job training in policy research and advocacy the program aims to equip young Roma researchers with the skills and knowledge to influence public policy processes.

The two organizations: CEA and IRIZ, are implementers of project covering the issue of Entrepreneurship policies in Macedonia for overcoming Roma othering, through conducting policy research and advocacy activities. As part of the action through the offered paid fellowship there is an opportunity for mentorship on the issue.

Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be of Roma origin, and a citizen or permanent resident of the R. Macedonia;
  • Have graduated in the past three years from BA or (preferably) MA studies in economics, international relations and European integration studies, legal studies, political science, public policy and administration or sociology;
  • Demonstrate interest in economic and social science research, without necessarily having previous experience with policy research and advocacy;
  • Demonstrate interest in the “Othering” project of the host organizations;
  • Good command of written and spoken English language;
  • Skilled for data processing and research;
  • Communication skills & proactive approach with highly organizational skills.

The interested candidates of the subject should apply through sending:

  • Letter of interest, as an application form, indicating the interests in the subject of Roma othering and entrepreneurship, and engagement in a policy research, motivation for participation, proposed short approach/idea to the subject of policy research for “Entrepreneurship policy and Roma othering”, use available form, in English language; (use the provided form for LoI)
  • Short CV (not more than 2 pages) in English and Macedonian language; indicating details of qualifications, employment history, research appointments and/or experience; If applicable you may also include details regarding the following: awards, prizes, honours, invitations; professional disciplinary involvement (e.g. conference organisation, etc.); outreach activities (e.g. public lectures, media involvement, etc.);
  • Proof of completed undergraduate and (preferably) postgraduate studies in the area of economics, international relations and European integration studies, legal studies, political science, public policy and administration or sociology.

The selection and engagement is subject of confirmation by the TTF & RIO, OSF approval of the activities and the fellow candidate.The length of involvement is expected to take up to twelve months (provisionally earliest from May with 2 weeks trial period), and ideally the fellow would be full-time (or at the very least, 80% of the time). The fellowship is expected to do his/her work at the offices of CEA, IRIZ (in Skopje) and to conduct research field work throughout R. Macedonia in relevant regions. The honoraria for the arrangement will be gross amount of $540, converted in Macedonian denars, monthly.

Expected tasks of the candidate:

  • Proactive policy research activities;
  • Organize and conduct desk and field policy research;
  • Prepare analyses and policy document;
  • Proactively engage and take advocacy actions related to the research and output including: organization and participation in meetings, public discussions, events, promotion of results and outputs, etc.;
  • Participate in other activities of the think tank CEA and Roma organization IRIZ relevant to project management/implementation, policy research and advocacy

Please send your application documents (filled in LoI, CV, and higher education proofs/diplomas) no later than 17/03/2016 to: and

Only the short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Get the application form for LoI here

Center for Economic Analyses


[1]In this context, ‘othering’ refers to the process of portraying and enforcing the portrayal of non-majority populations, such as Roma, as irreconcilably foreign, alien or “other.” While ‘othering’ is part of life in all diverse societies, the ways in which it crosses into xenophobia, racism and discrimination is a concern of public and political significance.