The Center for Economic Analyses (CEA) currently is implementing the project “Entrepreneurship policies in Macedonia for overcoming Roma othering”. The project aims to contribute to an improved socio-economic inclusion policies of Roma in R. Macedonia through removing entrepreneurship development obstacles.

Deniz Selmani, mentored by Marjan Nikolov president of CEA, role as research fellow is conducting policy research with an active role in advocacy processes of the recommendations and dissemination of the findings of the issue of entrepreneurship policies and Roma “othering” in Macedonia.

Deniz Selmani will represent CEA on the working meeting in Brussels organized by the Roma Initiatives Office, Open Society Initiative for Europe and Open Society European Policy Institute

The meeting will gather current and potential future partners for RIO joint fund, from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. OSIFE grantees from Western Europe will also be in attendance. RIO also want to increase and improve the networking between grantees, especially between mainstream groups and Roma NGOs, including the two new countries – France and Italy.
RIO will build further on the networking and knowledge-sharing meetings over the past two years, bringing together mainstream organizations, multi-issue think tanks, rights and watchdog organizations, alongside Roma NGOs, activists and groups.


Project Summaries