“A Draft policy brief on Rule of law and Fiscal council in Macedonia by Marjan Nikolov was presented by the raportaire Ms. Chiara Goretti (a member of the Italian Parliamentary budget office http://en.upbilancio.it/chiara-goretti/).
Ms. Goretti’s main point was that successful implementation requires not that much a legislation but someone to listen and that the focus from be from watchdog more toward citizens.
Mr. Nikolov reflected that in an young democracies where the environment is the one of lack of interest for fiscal transparency and accountability, then the space is open for the CSOs to atke the action and to fill in the void.
ideas lab MN
The presentation took place at the CEPS’s Ideas Lab 2018 (https://www.ceps.eu/cepslab18-breakfast-sessions).
The policy brief will be soon published by the CEPS’s Policy briefs edition.”