CEA has organized an event for the promotion of a Handbook intended for mayors and council members in the municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia. This Handbook aims to increase the capacities of the new guiding structures for the efficient and effective implementation of their activities and functions as well as to increase the citizens’ awareness for monitoring the work of the municipalities. The promotional event was attended by the Minister of Local Self-Government, the State secretary of Ministry of Local Self-Government, mayors, council members and professors. At this event, Vesna Garvanlieva as a member of the RSA had a stand with promotional material of regional study association. The RSA member has shared the material with all present participants of the event through which they can learn about the highest standards of theoretical development, empirical analysis and policy debate of issues at this sub-national scale, incorporating both the urban and rural and different conceptions of space such as city-regions and interstitial spaces.

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