Given the complexity of the work within the Task 2, CEA ordered Peer review on our Task 2 work.

We want to thank the reviewers, Prof. Vancho Uzunov and Prof. Marjan Petreski for taking time and reviewing our Task 2 reports organized in three Volumes:

·       Volume 1: Country disparity analysis: Desk research (reviewed by Prof. Vancho Uzunov)

·       Volume 2: Analysis of territorial challenges, needs and potential of the six Western Balkan countries: An economic view (reviewed by Prof. Marjan Petreski) and

·       Volume 3: Country disparity analysis: Cluster analysis (reviewed by Prof. Marjan Petreski)

The reviewers provided valuable feedback on the volumes and we are grateful for their insightful comments, reflections and recommendations.  We provide a point-by-point response to the reviewers’ comments, reflections and recommendations. The full reviews are enclosed to this document.
The peer reviews and the Letter from the Editor you can find it here: ENG