Marjan Nikolov is the President of CEA and a global PPP expert with a PhD in measuring the efficiency of decentralization from the University of Ljubljana. He has worked in more than 15 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His area of ​​expertise covers municipal finance and fiscal decentralization, public financial management, PPP feasibility studies, fiscal transparency and monitoring and cost-benefit analysis. He has prepared, designed and implemented trainings, research papers and policy-making papers on public financial management and decentralization.

Vesna Garvanlieva Andonova, holds an MBA in International Strategic Management and has been part of CEA as a Senior Economist for six year and as a member for over a decade. She has a significant professional experience and record in project management and consultancy both for the private and the public sector aimed at economic development. She has special interest in quantitative and qualitative research and policy analyses in the areas of good governance in public finance management, human capital development, local finance, regional development, etc.

Gabriela Dimovska is a MSc candidate in Monetary Economics, Finances and Banking and holds a Bachelor Degree in Finance. She is a researcher and an economist at CEA for over six years. She has an experience and interest in the topics of public finances including budget process, fiscal transparency and accountability as well as municipal finance. Her interest includes the governance for a better provision of the public goods and projects in the domain of macroeconomics (fiscal and monetary policy), social inclusion, competition etc.

Ana Maria Petrovska is a MSc candidate in IT Management and holds a Bachelor degree in Finance. She has been working at CEA as a researcher and economist for more than four years. Ana Marija has a firm knowledge of public finance, the local and national budget process, fiscal decentralization and human capital development. She has special interest in analyzing economic indicators, quantitative and qualitative research. She has participated in projects in the field of macroeconomics and socioeconomics.

Ivana Velkovska is an economic analyst at CEA, a doctoral student in economics at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje and holds MSc degree in International Economics. She has been working at CEA for more than two years, and has previous experience in the private sector as a financial analyst and tax consultant. Her areas of research are economic inequality, social policy and public finances.

Miroslav Trajanovski is a legal expert with more than 35 years of general professional experience in the area of legal affairs. Between 1984 and 1996 he was employed in the Secretariat of Legislation – Government of the Republic of Macedonia, assisting the state administrative bodies in preparation and drafting of primary and secondary legislation. Between 1997 and 1999 he was director of the legal department of the Privatization Agency, organizing, managing and monitoring the process of privatization/transformation of socially owned enterprises into the JSC and LLC. He is experienced in analysis, reviewing and drafting of primary and secondary legislation as well as of internal acts of the public entities. During his career he was participating in several projects related to the improvement of the local self-government. As a deputy team leader he was involved in the implementation of the Local Government Development – PHARE Project, assisting the team leader in organizing and management of the project, analysis and legal expertise of the Law on Local Self Government as well as of other laws related to transfer of competencies from central to local authorities. He has excellent knowledge of Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Public Procurement (PP) (theory and practice: drafting of the primary and secondary legislation of the Republic of North Macedonia; preparation of feasibility studies, tender documentation and model contracts for PPP and PP in accordance with the Macedonian legislation and EU best practice). During his career as a PPP and PP expert he was engaged in the preparation of the legal part of the Feasibility studies for justification for the award of contract for the establishment of a public-private partnership. Also he trained public sector on national level, local public authorities and business entities in the training sessions organized by USAID.


Marina Jandrevska is an economist. In the period from 2005-2021, she was employed in the local self-government. Her area of expertise is municipal finance and internal audit. She has significant experience in the areas of municipal budgets, final accounts, risk assessment, audit universe, public internal financial control. In the course of her work in local self-government, she prepared and implemented a tool for the Urban Partnership Program of the World Bank Austria (UPP) for financial self-assessment of local self-government and assessment of financial capacity (MFSA), and presented the tool at several regional conferences in Southeast Europe, Austria and Turkey. Since 2022, Marina has been working as a municipal finance specialist within the framework of the USAID Project for Strengthening Resource Mobilization Activity. She organizes and implements workshops and mentoring sessions for mayors and municipal administration at the partner municipalities. Marina Jandrevska is a member of the Local Public Sector Alliance (LPSA), a global professional network of experts who share knowledge in the field of decentralization and local development around the world.